Tensi Darah Air Raksa Corona

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Tensi raksa corona


Tensi Darah Air Raksa Corona menggunakan air raksa ,dan tentunya di butuhkan stestoskop juga dalam mengukur tensi darah.Range ukuran dai 0-300 mmHg cocok untuk penggunaan di rumah sakit,di rumah,kantor,sekolah atau dalam perjalanan.

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Petunjuk penggunaan tensi darah air raksa

  1. Open case and lock cover in upright position.
  2. Connect one tube from cuff to air release valve on bulb.Connect the other tube to manometer tubing extension.
  3. Release mercury by moving the lever at the bottom of the manometer scale to the left.
  4. Wind cuff around upper arm.Press velcro together so cuff adheres to itself.Make sure arrow on artery label corresponds to brachial artery on arm.
  5. Place chest piece of stethoscope over brachial artery just under edge of cuff.
  6. With bulb in hand,tighten screw valve clock-wise and pump the bulb to inflate the cuff.
  7. Slowly deflate the cuff by loosening the screw valve listening carefully for the pulse beat as the pressure is released.
  8. When the first pulse beat is heard,take the reading from the scale and record it.This is your systolic pressure(maximum).
  9. Continue deflating the cuff again.While listening to the pulse beat.When the pulse beat stops,take the record.That is diastolic pressure(minimum)

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